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The fresh fractal characteristics of your own Market engenders its care about-plan, or even more apropos, this new World is a beneficial holofractal graphic program

It will be sagacious to not lay Sirius in the centre of the Solar system, to have inside an excellent fractal system there is no true center. Thus there are many different nested orbital interactions, going out as much as the local team out of galaxies, which by themselves has a center point.

This is certainly nothing the latest. Previous civilizations understood celestial mechanics at the an advanced, plus the analytical precision of the substantial observations was a testament to that particular . Precisely why the new Egyptians and many other civilizations of this day and age made use of Sirius as their marker with the passage of time is because they picked the quintessential steady object because their reference point.

We buy the Sun since our reference area, and this refers to obviously extremely incorrect. All cuatro years 24 hours needs to be placed into keep real date. But even Sirius was not exact enough on the “Keeper’s of time”, the new Mayans. Discover although not a far more stable reference area than the Pleiades which can be the new Galactic heart, hence about angle of your universe is the ultimate heart regarding rotation.

As well as the brand new Mayan’s find the Galactic Heart while the a guide point to mark the latest duration of time, that’s apparent once the Mayan Much time Count ends to your galactic alignment of Solar system on . Ergo, the theory that the World orbits the sun, otherwise your Sun orbits Sirius, otherwise that Sirius orbits Alcyone which Alcyone orbits the new Galactic Nucleus, isn’t leading edge — it’s simply an effective rediscovery from shed knowledge.

Using their surprisingly complex astronomy it easily imagined brand new discrepancies in the having fun with Sirius because a marker towards the passage of time, and transformed to help you a particular period within Pleiades

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“Astrobiology Mag”, “Cosmic Evolution” Part, “Taking Smart about Nemesis” , Author: Leslie Mullen, Blog post on Nemesis principle, and additionally outlining supporting Sedna Concept as well as how the fresh new Smart Sky Questionnaire Goal can get show otherwise disprove one another concepts.

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d. Z.K. Silagadze, TeV scale the law of gravity, mirror universe, and you can . dinosaurs, Acta Physica Polonica B32 (2001) 99-128. (Provides an incredibly entertaining and you may viewable post on the newest Nemesis extinction hypothesis, along with all those sources to help you medical stuff on the topic.)

Your composed “This will explain the precession of one’s Zodiac celebrities, because takes throughout the 2150 decades for every single Zodiac constellation so you can precede”.

Remarkably, this era means similar to you to definitely amongst the emergence out of Santorini within the 1613 BC ( +/- eight age) and this off Krakatoa/Sumatra/Java for the 535 Offer. Is there a link between grand eruptive explosions on earth and you will the change throughout the precession for every Zodiac constellation? Can there be some gravity impact on Environment out-of Sirius A great and you may Sirius B which may have triggered these?

Jed Buchwal, Egyptian Superstars under Paris Skies

Advanced level post sir. What you are suggesting could have been noted for sometime. However, our very own governing group has actually leftover this knowledge out of you for example therefore far more. As a result of this instructions and you will libraries was indeed burnt and items was indeed stolen or lost.

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